About Candida

About CandidaIs Candida or Candida Albicans a disease? Is it dangerous? Can it kill me?..... READ MORE


candidiasis t CANDIDIASIS or THRUSH is a condition that one may suffer, by having symptoms of itching..... READ MORE

Candida Albicans

calbicans tCandida Albicans is a fungus or yeast or mould or thrush. It lives in our....  READ MORE

Yeast Infection - Thrush

yeast tYEAST INFECTION is a wider notion than CANDIDA or CANDIDIASIS, because by yeasts we....  READ MORE

Candida Symptoms

csymptoms tThe list of Candida Symptoms is literally inexhaustible. This horrific bug.... READ MORE

Candida Test

ctest tCANDIDA is a crafty little bugger. It hides so well in our bodies that many....                    READ MORE

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Legal Disclaimer


This is to warn you that I am not a doctor nor do I pretend to be one. I have had a very bad experience with CANDIDA and managed after studying the subject thoroughly to achieve my own complete cure with natural substances.... 
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